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Mantra CBDs journey started in the foothills of Lancashire in 2018 after a number of Olympic wrestling athletes looked towards the benefits of an organic and natural alternative to conventional medicine for their own well being. Given their sporting and athletic backgrounds, our athletes found it increasingly difficult to find a supplement to accommodate their rigorous training regimes and subsequently went off to source the finest CBD we could find to use and share with the rest of the world. Mantra CBD has been so successful in providing quality supplements that we actively have a number of top level sponsorship’s including  Commonwealth medalist Charlie Bowling.

Our Hemp CBD is available in oils, pill capsules, topical salves, oral sprays, vapes and edibles!

Mantra CBD has rapidly become one of the finest purveyors of the UK CBD industry serving the general public and sporting communities alike. At Mantra CBD our product are derived from the plains of Colorado to the foothills of Europe – the pinnacle of cultivating cannabis – where we source premium low THC occurring hemp, allowing us to procure a superior product that has minimal processing through gold standard extraction and maximum cannabinoid potential for the desired entourage effect.

To offer peace of mind Mantra CBD products are also 3rd party lab tested to verify our claim. This ensures you are always buying a well-tested CBD product invested in quality.




Gluten free


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CBD Vegan Capsules 25 X 20mg – 500mg CBD


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Mantra CBD Oil 10ml – 10% (1000mg)


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